The B.A.R.R.E ethos
Like Ballet, Barre is a disciplined fitness program and this is our ethos:

B – Believe (Know that you are awesome! Align your posture and build confidence)
A – Aspire (Aim to become a better person. Eat right, stay healthy and exercise – and the rest will follow)
R – Respect (Be punctual and courteous to the people around you)
R – Responsible (Take care of the facility and equipment you use)
E – Encourage (Support each others journey to wellness)

How long is a session?
Each session may last approximately 50 minutes.
How do I attend a class?
We need to prepare the floor before each class. To minimize disruptions from unexpected walk-ins, you are required to register and book  your session online at our website. Your co-operation and understanding is truly appreciated.
What must I wear during class?

Sport shoes for HIIT, TRX & KONGA. As for BarreClassic, it is highly recommended to wear pilate/yoga socks. Mats are provided.

How do I make payment?

You can make payment via credit card at our website.